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So, you have a chimney liner for your fireplace, but what about your boiler and other venting appliances? For the same reason you protect your fireplace chimney with a liner, liners should be installed in chimneys dedicated to your gas-powered heat sources.

Here’s everything you need to know about chimney liners.

You Got to Keep ’em Separated

According to the National Bureau of Standards (NBS), lined chimneys are required for your home to be code compliant. There’s a good reason for this.

Homes either have one chimney for venting wood and coal burning fuels and a separate chimney for venting natural gas, propane or oil burning fuels or they has one chimney with separate flues for multiple heating sources. The latter is what we refer to as a "shared chimney."

In either configuration, it’s important that chimneys are properly lined to prevent heat transferring to adjacent wood, which can ignite. Liners also help protect masonry structures from acidic gases produced by gas-fueled appliances. These gases can deteriorate the mortar, allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to enter your home. There’s also the matter of condensation to consider. A gas furnace generates a lot of moisture, which can lead to mold and rot inside your chimney. Again, a liner provides a protective barrier.

How Chimney Liners Work

A chimney liner provides smooth, seamless passage through which combustion byproducts can travel.

We install liners made of steel and aluminum. Both materials resist corrosion, improve airflow and last decades. Metal flue liners can be rigid or flexible and can be installed in any type of chimney. Plus, we can install a stainless-steel chimney cap with a lifetime warranty!

Chimney caps are essential for keeping out critters, rain, snow and debris that could block the flue.

Chimney Liners are Not a DIY Job

There’s a lot that goes into installing a chimney liner correctly. At Safeway Heating, we take the chimney’s size, shape, age and condition into consideration before we begin any work. It may be necessary to repair the brick and mortar and flashing to ensure the structure can support a liner.

Also, if your roof is excessively steep, we may need specialized equipment to perform the work safely.

For these reasons, we do not recommend installing a liner yourself. It’s more complicated and dangerous than YouTube videos would lead you to believe.

Turn to the Chimney Experts Serving Carbon County

Your chimney plays a crucial role in the safety of your home. Keep it working properly with a liner and expert repairs from the EPA-certified technicians at Safeway Heating. We’re a family-owned business that places your comfort first.

Ready to get that chimney working like new again? Call us today at 5705598656 or contact us here.

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